World class Event Rebooking Sales People

Why expert sales rebookers?


Fully trained by our own Shinesmith Academy utilising our bespoke 4-stage onboarding process ensuring the right people for the job.


People focussed and results driven.


Shinesmith’s database of expert accredited resource are world class in their field.


Our Shinesmith teams exude our unique DNA bringing years of professionalism and relevant experience to your event.

Why use a Shinesmith?

We drive the rebook to achieve and grow your revenue, allowing you to engage with your exhibitors, shifting the focus to your needs be it, new business or legacy clients.

Multi linguists with strong cultural knowledge to facilitate Global requirements.

Delivering unrivalled customer service – we are your trusted partner.

Often exceeding our client’s expectations – always delivering your targets.

Our teams are focused on your success


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A pioneering approach to growing your revenue.