Digital event sales tool

Pioneers of a unique digital rebooking platform that’s reshaping the industry

Why Digismith?


It’s fast, measurable data, due to the Instant live event reporting direct to CRM.


It generates a clear revenue pipeline, creating significant value in investment.


Easy to use, no stress, intuitive by design and user-friendly SMS service.


Live customer feedback instantly reported to improve revenue performance.

It’s this simple!

Improvement to onsite rebooking.
Less Fall off during Cool Off Period.
Improvement in pipeline assessment & follow up.
chart in hand and magnifier

The Problem

Inaccurate data

Loss of revenue

Unseen revenue opportunities

We’ve noticed that event organisers value conversation with their exhibitors and measure the revenue output at a trend level and a target level verse’s actual level, this is where Digismith comes in.

The Solution

It's frictionless

It's affordable

It's Accurate

Communication has never been quantified other than a paper or maybe a digital contract.
We collect qualitative and quantitate data and digitally record it and share it immediately and live events have historically failed to do this – less so in the office environment.

phone data into laptop

The breakthrough is cloud-based – frictionless and affordable technology.

Drive your event forward faster, discover Digismith today.