Helping you increase both top and bottom-line revenues.

Why event consultation & support?


No need to research, we have experienced it all, helping you make the right decision faster.


The widest scope of knowledge, from years of change, from industry to events.


You can’t make a decision without knowing all the options.


A range of ideas from all of our experiences, covering 100’s of shows from different organisers and industry sectors.

25 years of experience, every scenario tried and tested!

Confidence in the right decision.
Support to implement the change.

Understanding you as a business, your challenges and desired outcomes.


Bespoke solutions incorporating our unique Academy and digital tech driven initiatives.


Appreciating how our blend of people expertise along with our extensive service portfolio, will work to exceed your expectations.


Highly proven methods that are value driven to deliver measurable results within specified time frames.


A twenty five year track record that has established us as the 'go to' industry provider.

The Problem

Lack of knowledge and experience in current team.

Need to drive revenue faster.

Need a fresh pair of eyes with fresh ideas.

The Solution

We've noticed for event organisers, making changes is never easy. Once the need for change has been identified, finding and agreeing the right solution can be challenging.

Our team have witnessed the changes across 100’s of shows and have the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Powering strategic people teams since 1996!