Strategic Development Program

Sunny Patel

Topics including:

Competitive advantage and how to maximise it for sustainable success

Dysfunctional boards: your capability to influence and manage board relations

Stakeholder perspectives and engagement

Mentoring to deliver tangible impact

The importance of corporate, social and community responsibility

Programme content

This programme provides a toolbox of vital skills and leadership capabilities, debunking the myths and helping you to understand what it really means to be a board director.

Gain knowledge on specific topics concerning Board structure and responsibilities such as:

The composition, role and dynamics of boards: the nature and complexities of board dynamics, director relationships and their effect on the functioning of the board

Board diversity

The contribution of sub-committees and Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

 Engage in discussion around strategic performance (your own, that of the Board and the organisation):

How to engage fully with all stakeholders

When boards become dysfunctional: your capability to influence and effectively manage board relations

Your organisation’s competitive advantage and how to maximise it

Governance and its role in sustainable success

The importance of corporate, social and community responsibility and reputation, including avoiding the pitfalls of international trade.



For Sunny

This programme delivers both the technical knowledge needed to understand and succeed in the board member role, and individual development around soft skills to address the challenges.
You will:

understand how to add value and find competitive advantage

gain the confidence to maximise your role on the board

develop the knowledge, skills and awareness to inspire and lead others to fulfil their individual and collective potential.


Board members that fully understand their roles and obligations, and appreciate the value of shared goals

Engaged, productive board members who will create better organisational performance

Greater loyalty, retention and productivity throughout the organisation

An approach that considers the reputation of the organisation and the value that can be gained from acting responsibly and ethically.

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