Onsite Rebooking

Shinesmith’s exceptional teams deliver world class rebooking services to events of all shapes and sizes, across a wide range of industry sectors, all around the globe.

Our experienced teams of sales office managers, rebooking teams, linguists and trainers work seamlessly alongside your core sales teams to expand your resources and enable you to effectively support your clients during your exhibition.

So we are a specialist sales staff agency? We are much more.

Shinesmith’s are dynamic, highly skilled sales people with proven outstanding rebooking results over more than 20 years at international events.

We are specialists in face to face client interaction and are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. Our dynamic teams infuse your onsite sales process with boundless energy and genuine enthusiasm. Our ability to transform rebooking outcomes have resulted in long standing relationships with our clients, whose events we have been privileged to provide rebooking teams to for many years.

Over these years we have been instrumental in developing and trialing onsite rebooking strategies tailored to specific events, industries and cultures. This knowledge is now provided to sales teams throughout the sales cycle through our training and mentoring programmes.


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