Get to know us.

Who we are

As the original next generation strategists we’ve influenced and changed the future of sales in the exhibition industry.
Shinesmith’s DNA

Where it all started

Founder Claire Washington-Smith had an idea whilst working in an exhibition sales lounge twenty five years ago. It was called “amplified sales” and it enabled teams to consistently deliver exceptional sales results. With Founder Donna Shaw, the two built the company , establishing the Shinesmith Academy, harnessing it’s industry expertise together with a strategic partnership with a global digital services innovator, has allowed Shinesmith to deliver world-class services and products that evolve with the International exhibition industry’s changing markets.

Where we are

Disrupting and addressing significant pain points for our customers during their B2B commercial sales cycle. Driven by our active vision for digital innovation for all our stakeholders. Our market share today represents 3% of the international trade shows from the top 5 commercial organisers by revenue.

Our Mission

Our expert support, insight and dedication enables people and organisations to grow. We embrace change and use innovative tools, technology and techniques to deliver smarter results. We see possibility everywhere and action it in everything we do.

Our Vision

Achieve sustainable growth through great people service and digital sales innovation.

Our Ethos

At Shinesmith, we are credible. We are insightful pioneers. We operate with individuality, inclusivity and impact.