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Shinesmith Glossary: Part 1: A to M

Working in the world of exhibitions is vast and varied, especially through the eyes of a Shinesmith. We are fortunate to experience so many different industries, countries andculturesand we work with such a fantastic variety of clients and exhibitors.

This is part one of our Shinesmith glossary; each word has a meaning which either represents us or is related to what a Shinesmith experiences in their day to day role. There’s also some helpful top tips that are great reminder for those working in sales, so hope you enjoy the read!

A – Amplify 

Shinesmith believe in amplifying our clients’ voices. We are an extension of the client when we work with them and our amplified approach to coaching and selling compliment each client and their needs.

 B – Booths 

As they’re known in the USA, otherwise known as stands in the UK and Europe. Space or equipped; inline, corner, peninsular or island; double decker… the choice is varied.

 C – Coaching & Consultation 

Shinesmith offer their amplified approach in the form of consultation and coaching programmes bespoke for our clients, that enhance the rebooking success of our client’s events.

 D – Discovery 

Before attempting to close a sale, a Shinesmith always asks questions to discover the exhibitor’s needs to ensure that they are given the most appropriate option for their business.

 E – Exhibitors

One of our golden rules as a Shinesmith is to deliver that exceptional customer service all exhibitors want, to ensure they have the perfect event and all round excellent experience!

 F – Floor Plans 

No exhibition is complete without a well edited Floor Plan. Careful consideration of customer needs and responding with a well designed floor plan is a sure route to success.

 G – Growth 

Shinesmith’s mission is to assist the organiser with the growth of their event, either by encouraging existing customers to take a bigger presence at the show with their stand; up-selling additional support services or spotting new business potential for the following edition of the show.

 H – Health & Safety 

Such a important factor when operating in the exhibition industry, Shinesmith take our obligation to our team and our clients seriously and ensure compliance at every event. Having this knowledge out on the exhibition floor is invaluable to us, our team and our clients, especially when operating all over the world.

 I – Initiative 

This is a vital quality for any sales person. The ability to assess and initiate things independently is crucial in the role of a Shinesmith. Steering sales conversations in the right direction requires lots of initiative, quick thinking and the ability to use your judgment to make the best decisions based on what your exhibitors are telling you.

 J – Jet Lag 

The life of a Shinesmith requires lots of global travel. To say that some of the Shinesmith team make around 40+ flights per year is not an exaggeration, but what comes with that is of course a large dose of jet lag at times. However, we are a resilient bunch at Shinesmith and able to quickly adapt ourselves to different time zones and maintain our natural drive, energy and enthusiasm onsite.

 K- Knowledge 

Knowledge is key in all of oursales conversations. As a Shinesmith we work closely with account managers and event directors to absorb everyone’s knowledge of the exhibition, the specific industry and individual customers, so we are up to date on all of this in time for the live event.

L – Lapsed 

To encourage those businesses no longer exhibiting back to the event- it’s important to adopt specific approaches in our discussions with those who once exhibited and are considering a return to the event.

M – Motivation 

A big part of being a Shinesmith involves motivating those around you. Keeping teams motivated onsite at events is a key part of the success of the exhibition rebook. Longs days out on the floor, long conversations with customers & after show events in the evening sometimes mean several 14/15 hour days in a row. Shinesmith pride themselves on the high energy and drive we possess to motivate the team around us and keep spirits high.

Helen Harlow – Coaching Development Manager, Shinesmith

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