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Shinesmith DNA

“You’re all so full of energy”, “You’re all so positive”, “You’re all so friendly and supportive”, “The team are amazing!”, “I love being part of the team”, “The team spirit is incredible”, “I never knew I could enjoy work so much”, “ What an incredible result!”, “We couldn’t have achieved this without you”, “Thank you so much!”

These are just a handful of the positive comments I get to hear at every exhibition we are involved with, whether as an extension of the core team or leading teams onsite. So what makes a Shinesmith?

I could try to give a standout quality, characteristic, sauce or source but all of our team Shinesmith are so much more than any single quality. A Shinesmith is authentic, passionate, caring, resilient, resourceful, tenacious, empathetic, engaging, energetic, fair, considerate, inclusive, smart, professional… The list goes on. Perhaps this still does not answer the question.

To join Shinesmith, we want you to share our DNA, to see yourselves as a Shinesmith ambassador. To want to be part of the team and enjoy every aspect of your role onsite, from interactions within the team, to the client, to the exhibitors on the show floor. Every conversation matters and it’s a sense of independent ownership whilst enjoying the security and camaraderie of the team. We don’t see problems, we seek solutions. Our goal is to create positive interactions through human connections. To amplify our clients’ voice whilst increasing revenue. We achieve this by investing time and energy into our recruitment and accredited coaching and right from the get-go we see huge amounts of enthusiasm shine through!

So to summarise, a Shinesmith is always willing to go that extra mile, to put themselves in another’s shoes, be it, team-mate, client or exhibitor and to take a look from another point of view. A Shinesmith makes the most of every day and every opportunity, exuding team spirit and being a great team player!

Our Shinesmith motto: one team one dream! Let’s do this!

Emma Armstrong –  Head Of Talent