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“All that we see is perceived… but we don’t perceive everything in the same way…”

Now; you may ask how that statement might assist us in business.
Well that realisation for me was an awakening moment and coincided with the start of our work with Cognitive Coaching (
I learnt that we can see things both helpfully and unhelpfully.  By understanding simple psychological tools, you realise that you have a lot more influence over that than you think and this applies not just to business situations but, in fact, any situation.
It’s useful to know, but has never explained in this way before.
Cognitive Coaching help to develop “insight“ or “introspection” in a really engaging way.
There is so much science now that supports the work, particularly on belief systems, neural pathways and neuro-plasticity; this allows you to be more open to interpreting experience in different ways and the benefits flow from there.
It leads to learning about the components connecting thinking to behaviour, and the connection with business goals. It is our thinking particularly about ourselves and others, that can be our biggest limitation. We also know that teaching minds that are open to learning this actually unlocks potential.


What else does it offer? 

Along the way, you learn about human difference, but in a way that allows you to understand that groups of us have distinct behaviours and ways of communicating and these groups transcend cultural boundaries.
As Shinesmith works in international markets, this has immense value.
With the right understanding and training, there is a method behind collaboration that we can really benefit from in business; our team are brilliant at what they do, we firmly believe this makes them even better!
I liked the approach in particular because it makes what initially seemed so complex and simple. One of the most profound things for me was when they explained how perception is also linked to resilience and health. I found that the more you perceive in an unhelpful way, the more your health will be adversely affected; something which we all know deep down but does not always acknowledge and this is also supported by current scientific thinking.
So what can be achieved by simply learning to ask yourself the question in any given situation… “What could you think”? By doing that are we actually accessing areas of the brain that will give better solutions?
In short; this is delivering a solution that not only has an influence on our company ’s productivity but also the wellbeing of those who work within it.

Claire Washington-Smith – Founder