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John in Accounts

I’m not referring to an actual John in Accounts, although I could be. It’s more a general term for those poor souls who are plucked from their day jobs and thrown into the bright lights and fast pace of the live exhibition and then asked to ‘rebook’.
We work with exhibition teams all over the world and our business is built, at least partially, on the need for sales teams to grow exponentially for a brief period of three, four or five days each year. We are obviously extremely glad of that need. However, this need and the desire to get feet on the exhibition floor without blowing the budget can result in some interesting secondments, including John from Accounts.
John is a great guy, full of personality, a highly skilled accountant and an asset to the business. Rebooking however is a specific skill. It can be developed with focussed training but it isn’t on the checklist for most roles, it certainly wasn’t when John joined.
So what happens to John?
He finds that he loves being onsite dealing with clients face to face and promptly puts his request into HR to transfer to the Sales Team. Amazing.
OR he is overwhelmed, hides in the sales office and avoids speaking to anyone for a full 3 days.

OR somewhere in between.
The result is that the rebook revenue is similarly unpredictable.
John won’t like that when he is back at his desk looking at next year’s numbers!

Debbie Lee – Managing Director