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Snow-thing Can Stop Shinesmith

No matter what the weather, you can count on Shinesmith to deliver.

In the UK, we have been hit with some of the most extraordinary weather conditions continuously on and off since the start of 2018. I am looking out the window to see beautiful greenery and spring flowers blooming. I can feel the sun warming my skin and the sky brightening leaving me excited for warmer weather and the return of our glorious sunshine after so much cold. However, winter is still refusing to leave us, as contradictory to what I can see outside; I’m currently reading heaps of news articles and weather reports forecasting further snow!
I was managing the team onsite at BVE at Excel this year when London was hit with The Beast from the East. With countless weather warnings and news articles published packed full of stories creating a country lacking in confidence to vacate their homes, there was no doubt in the impracticalities of travelling in such conditions, however it was not impossible. Unlike in other countries where snow is a daily chore that is dealt with calmly and safely, here in the UK, as individuals, we truly struggle to handle such weather and lack proper training and preparation due to its infrequent appearance.


Visitors still flocked from all over the UK to attend this incredible event regardless of the difficulties in transportation. Our Shinesmith team made it in every day setting off hours earlier to allow for the slow crawl into and across London ignoring the media hype and dedicated to our client.
During our end of show meeting, masses of gratitude was passed to the Shinesmith team for their high energy and positivity regardless of the snow gate. The BVE Event Director, Nicola began with “I have run exhibitions for ten years and have never done a show with the weather like that outside” and the BVE Event Manager, Dan added “I have never worked on an event that has been so debilitating with people trying to get to the venue.”
BVE is the UK’s leading entertainment and media tech event, with a 20-year history dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production sectors. In recent years, the show has evolved into an all-encompassing event that also covers the Connected Media, AV Systems Integration, Live Production, VR and creative sectors. It attracts more than 15,000 visitors who attend to discover and learn about the latest products, services and trends from more than 300 leading manufacturers and distributors.

Natasha Harper-Benson, Resources Executive