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When we met over 20 years ago, we were drawn together by our shared journey as entrepreneurs who had individually followed an unconventional path, creative in both cases having had similar falls, learns and getting back up agains!

Claire began her career in a series of retail shops, then went into publishing and moved into the event industry working on live events back in 1996. I started life in TV and Film, then with an Airline and as head booker for Ray Knight casting agency before running my own full service events agency for some big brand clients.

Both Claire and I became adept at spotting opportunities others miss, of doing business differently and defining our own rules for success. The rebook concept was born when Claire spotted an opportunity to deliver better service and specialist sales skills to event organisers and their sales teams back in the late 90’s.

When we joined forces in 2008, we never looked back! Claire and I are the original Shinesmith’s and are thrilled to be bringing the Shine Events DNA to a wider audience globally. Human connections are the key to delivering excellent customer service and ultimately, improved results.

Donna Shaw – Co Founder – Shine Events limited



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